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Trust our traffic acquisition experts to help you implement the best e-marketing strategy. AdQuality digital experts improve your SEA referencing.

Décuplez votre chiffre d’affaires avec une stratégie SEA rentable

Do you want to set up an effective marketing strategy to increase your customer base exponentially? Thanks to the expertise of our digital agency, it is now possible for you to reach and even exceed your most ambitious goals.

Constituée exclusivement de consultants certifiés Google Ads, l’agence AdQuality s’impose par ses performances sur le marché du digital. We offer personalized services to companies, both nationally and internationally.

The SEA (Search Engine Advertising) appears as an unstoppable ally to take up your challenges of notoriety and revenue improvement, this, thanks to the potential of Google. We put at your disposal our experts in traffic acquisition and audience monetization, able to organize and manage the best SEA strategy for you.

Our teams accompany you in the realization of your SEA project by establishing a customized and efficient action plan that takes into account your budget.

A strategy based on three key points

Audit de votre compte et analyse de votre concurrence

Optimisations régulières de vos comptes publicitaires

Suivi régulier de vos performances digitales

Gagnez en visibilité grâce au SEA (Google & Bing)

SEA or paid referencing gives you the opportunity to improve your position on search engines by buying keywords to improve your traffic. It complements your natural SEO that we provide through our SEO agency. However, unlike the latter, this marketing technique allows you to make your ads appear in search engines and on sites other than those of your company.

Thanks to keywords purchased from the giants Google and Microsoft, ATS has the advantage of getting you the results you want almost immediately after the launch of your campaigns.

Also, thanks to cost-per-click streamlining, you have the ability to allocate a flexible budget to each campaign. The different search engines adapt to it very quickly and act according to the settings entered in the Google Ads console.

To ensure the success of your SEA campaigns, we carry out a real upstream work. From the analysis of supply and demand, through the meticulous choice of keywords, the use of our marketing agency is essential.

Une stratégie de référencement payant adaptée à vos objectifs

Our agency SEA offers its know-how for the realization of your Google and Bing campaigns. During Google Adwords campaigns, for example, our experts acquire keywords adapted to your field of activity and use them to build ad groups. Also, after improving your product catalog, we proceed with its exposure on Google Shopping to drive more traffic to your site.

Ads on Google Display are also an essential lever that we use to optimize your SEO.

For an in-depth monitoring of the behavior of your Internet users, we proceed to the parameter setting of your objectives and constitute a Dashboard of follow-up on Google Analytics. Remarketing allows us to intelligently re-launch your prospects to turn them into loyal customers, using messages and visuals that can push them into action.

Through Social Ads, our experts create high-impact advertising campaigns on leading social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. with the contribution of our agency SMA.


Pourquoi privilégier l’accompagnement d’AdQuality ?

On the basis of its expertise and experience, AdQuality is committed at your side to help you in the implementation of an optimal marketing strategy adapted to your target and your objectives. No matter the size of your company, its geographical location or your budget, you are making the right choice by relying on the best SEA strategy, able to propel your brand’s performance and make it a must-have on the web.

The digital agency AdQuality, supports you in the choice and implementation of your advertisements. As soon as we get in touch, we proceed to an audit of your Google Ads campaigns. The results of this audit remain decisive in order to develop a high-impact action strategy to make your ROI profitable.